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  • We aim to improve the standard of maths education and make maths more accessible to ALL learners
  • By purchasing any of our products the school is entitled to copy and distribute Math4Teachers worksheets free of charge to all their students. Our aim is to support schools where a shortage of workbooks is a reality. We invite feedback and requests from Teachers and will try to accommodate all your needs in due time.

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Maintained By: Marinda Coetsee


B.Sc. (Math and Mathematical Statistics) ; B.Ed. ; M.Ed. (Math. Education)


Teaching Gr 11 & 12 at a Secondary school for boys for 32 years. Head of the Math Department for 10 years.

My stance as an educator is the following:

Learners benefit more if they have the information to teach and learn by themselves – I call this ACTIVE participation in building your own knowledge. You need to succeed in, and learn to love math. I am dedicated and committed to improving mathematics education in our country.


Math4Teachers explanations and worksheets are aligned to the National Curriculum Policy Statement (CAPS), providing comprehensive coverage of maths concepts and applications. The site aims to cover Grade 5 to Grade 12 by the end of 2018. We will continue to grow so keep coming back to find out what has been added.


If you like the site or would like to make comments or even contributions please feel free to contact us. We also invite you to email us your best maths related resources that can be of great use to everyone in the classroom. Please join our Facebook page in order to become an active part of our Maths Community.