What our customers have to say

  • Grade 6 definitely helped. My daughters marks improved by 20% in the second term. Mieke said your explanations are better than the textbook's, now she understands the work.
    Marike Spaans
  • With regards to LCM and HCF Grade 7 - Great to use with unit on HCF and LCM.
    Rebecca Blanchard
  • I am a grade 8 student at Oakhill School in Knysna and I heard about this maths website called Mathematique with maths examples and explanations. There are a lot of different maths worksites that don’t work very well so at first I was a bit sceptical. As I went onto the website I was pleasantly surprised about how practical the website was. It has tons of maths examples, maths explanations and maths tips and tricks all for free (eg. Multiplication made easy), which makes maths fun. I was lucky enough to find this worksheet just when my maths exam was the next day! Literally the night before my exam, I quickly went onto the website and just scanned through the examples of the topics I had to study for my exams. As I was reading through the explanations I stumbled across rational and irrational numbers (which I was really struggling with!) and read through all the information on them. The website explained everything so well that I didn’t even have to right anything down, and just by reading it, I immediately could tell the difference between rational and irrational numbers. Thank goodness for this website, or I wouldn’t have aced rational numbers or found a best friend for my future in maths!
    Morgan Brymer
    Grade 8 Student