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19 Lessons including worksheet and memo:
(Includes licence to distribute within the grade)
The number system
Working with integers, absolute value, LCM and HCF
Division with fractions, how to order fractions
Scientific notation
Square and cube numbers and roots
Ratios, proportions and rate
Percentages, increase and decrease
Dependent and independent variables, rate of change
Discount, simple and compound Interest, VAT
Venn Diagrams
Laws of exponents
Numeric patterns ( sequences )
Expressions with variables and constants, and polynomials
Functions, domain and range
Set up equations to solve word problems
Triangles. Exterior angle theorem
Quadrilaterals and parallel lines
Pythagoras, surds
Surface area and volume of 3D shapes
Data handling
More about probability + independent events
Transformations. ( Revision of grade 7 )
Congruent and similar shapes and congruent triangles

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