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28 Lessons including worksheet and memo:
(Includes licence to distribute within the grade)
Number system, with prime and composite numbers, reciprocals, complex numbers, surds, non-real numbers.
Understanding integers, absolute value, HCF, LCM.
Basic operations (laws), Grade 9 (Revision of Gr 6 – 8)
Long an short division, estimation, rounding off and compensation.
Ratio, proportion (direct and inverse), rate. Terminology.
Financial math.
Exponent laws.
Scientific notation. Grade 9. Revision of grade 8 only.
Expressions with variables and constants, and polynomials. Multiply binomials.
Quadratic and exponential equations.
Order fractions, fractions to decimals and percentages, division with fractions using reciprocals.
Factorising in Algebra : the common factor.
Factorise Quadratic trinomials.
Difference of two squares.
Factoring by grouping.
Sequences, Arithmetic and Geometric.
Relations and functions.
The straight line graph.
Calculating the equation of a straight line.
Point of intersection of two straight lines.
Properties of 2 – D shapes.
Congruence and similarity.
Solve Geometry problems.
Transformation Geometry.
2-D shapes : perimeter and area.
3-D solids and Euler’s formula.
Data Gathering.
Summarise Data.

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